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Hapeh (Ha-peh) & Sound Bath

Private Energy Healing Session with Plant Medicine

  • 1 hour
  • Los Angeles

Service Description

Hapeh, is a subtle yet powerful healing energy Tobacco based powder that will be gently blown via a pipe called a Tepi into both nostrils. This is one of 1my unique energy healing services and by far the most life changing healing experience for those who have been having trouble with emotional traumas, anxiety, stress, spiritual blocks, not feeling centered or grounded. Hapeh is made by various indigenous tribes, who originate from different South American countries – primarily Brazil and Peru. Hapeh is made of several Amazonian plants, includes the alkaline ashes of other plants such as cinnamon, Tonka bean, clover, banana peel, or mint, but many shamans keep the exact ingredients of their particular Hapeh a secret. The core of most Hapeh snuffs is the tobacco species Nicotiana rustica. This Amazonian Tobacco, also known as Mapacho, is used extensively in tribal rituals for healing. The Tobacco snuff has the following effects: - Helps to re-align and open all your energy centers and chakras - Grounds you out and be present in the moment - Helps to release stagnant energies on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels - Opens-up the third eye, clears any mental confusion - Releases any negative thoughts - Connects you to your divine breath, and elevates your connection to your higher self. I combine this beautiful ceremony with beautiful harmonic tones and frequencies from the added sound bath that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and deeply connected to your inner self!!

Cancellation Policy

Healing Vibes with Nature enforces a strict ''No Show or Late Cancel Policy". To cancel or reschedule a session, please contact us directly 48 hours in advance of your scheduled session or class. Late cancellation or no show for your session will be considered as paid session and NON REFUNDABLE!! Refund Policy: Guests can cancel their Class or Session 48 hours before their start time for a full refund, or within 24 hours of booking (NOT 24 hours BEFORE CLASS or SESSION) as long as the booking is made more than 48 hours before the start time refunds are issued. **Refunds are issued for any cancellations of Classes or Sessions made by our staff.

Contact Details

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA


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